Although most flashlights utilize reflectors or optics for focused beams

which will provide a hot spot of light and allow for illumination of objects

at a distance, I have more often than not found I have more need for a good

"flood" of even light for tasks and illumination much closer at hand. This page will

be updated on occasion with ideas and parts and modifications which fit into a

flood consideration. The first such part I came up with has been come to be known

as a McFlood reflector and is a simple single angle reflector configured with exterior

dimensions comparable to the NX05 optic. In the picture below, the McFlood is

to the left of a NX05 optic:

More recently, I have been bead blasting existing parabolic reflectors. Although the

bead blasted surface is likely inefficient in light transmission, the light which is reflected

adds to the direct "spill" of light coming from the LED in a combined beam that is near

flawless in color and distribution of intensity. Below is a shot of three such reflectors. Of

note, the sole source of illumination for this image was a Pelican M6 containing a 5W LED

and using a bead blasted reflector.

Below, is a shot of the same lights beam, close at hand and illuminating two Pelican M6

reflectors; one stock and one bead blasted. At any significant distance, the beam is more

even in distribution than the image indicates. Of additional interest in using these diffused

parabolic reflectors, the resulting flood beam is unified and there are no additional outside

"ghosts" of light or shadow beyond the beam of light shown in the picture.

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