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Flex extender for SF lights

L1 with two 1 W Luxeons

5 W HD Luxeon or 6 ea 3 mm LED dual mode "T" head.

Spectra wrist lanyard for lights and other tools

Reflector - Lens: optic combination

Brass tabs for swivel belt clip carry

Modified L1 bezel on E1


Some KL4 mods...

1W Luxeon on Arc AAA host

Reflectors for Flood Beams

StreamLight TL-2 modification

Inverted LED mounted to sapphire lens

E series LOTC with tether attachment

6 flashing RGB LED's in E1e

McLux-PR for Incan (P series)

Luxeon III LED hosts and some notes


Uni-body 1x123 power pak

6W UV LED in Pelican M6 host

SF M6 with Tri-Cluster of Luxeon III's

PR-Can - for fixed and portable lighting

PR-T (trim or "turbo" version of McLux-PR)

KL6 on single 1x123

PR-T on L1

L1-KL4 combination

SF X200 with dual level output and PR-T head

Arc4: modified switch

"Old Dog" - New Tricks

L1 head is treated to a reflector and constant current driver

so17xa reflector and some applications

LongBow-Mag AA mod

E2d modified with new "E-screw"/E-can module and so17xa reflector

Two Section "Zoom" reflector study

Modified L2 (3x123)

McE2S - two stage switch for E series tail caps

Porsche 917 ES

McLux Aleph-1

KL 2 with reflector and 5W Luxeon

Custom Li-14430 modification with so17xa

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