A SureFire X200 has been modified for use in more general illumination applications as a belt clip

utility light. The rear switch circuit had one trace path interrupted by breaking the path (red line) and

bridging it with a pair of 120 ohm 1/8 watt SMD resistors in parallel (total resistance 60 ohms). The

result is that the momentary function on one side gives a low beam and the other side gives a high

beam. The constant on switch in one direction is low and the other direction is high. If the light is in

constant on low, the high momentary switch can be pressed for a momentary shift to high.

The narrow beam optic head was replaced with a modified PR-T head. The stock X200 LED module

was retained and this PR-T head can be unscrewed and the stock optic head re installed. This reflector

still provides a tight focused beam but a spill of flood beam is also present. For a full flood, the bezel

and reflector can easily be removed.

This light is well gasketed and the weather and elements will remain outside provided proper care is

taken when the batteries are replaced. A titanium money clip from RhinoSkin has been installed for a

bezel down belt and pocket clip. A tripod mount provision and lanyard attachment will soon follow.

Another Modified X200 same as above but with a 1/8" thick carbon fiber plate mounted in place of the

rails. The plate has a swivel tab mounted on it as well as a 1/4"x20 tapped hole for tri-pod, Loc-Line

stalk or tether attachment. A small spectra lanyard loop is also attached to the light.

Below, a riflescope mount base has been modified to serve as a utility base on the X200. The

advantage here is that this base is quickly removed and the light is ready to mount on a weapon rail.

An Aleph 2 head is modified to fit on the X200:

I have found that a SureFire beam shaper on an Aleph 2 head yields an ideal flood beam for in close

work. On the X200, this makes a great and versatile package!

Below, an Aleph 3 head is mounted on the X200:

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