This was a project to see about minimizing the size of the SureFire Ultra U2.

The first consideration was for a 2x CR2 battery tube that would be "E" series

compatible on the switch end:

The overall length and diameter of the power supply were reduced but I wanted to get shorter and

smaller and still have tail standing and guarded "clickie function. The next step was to make a small

clickie switch. I started with a clickie switch provided sometime ago by Y.C. (yclo on CPF)

A brass ground contact and Delrin isolator housing were turned to host the clickie switch. Four of

the leads from the DPDT switch were clipped off and one lead is connected to an extended lead

soldered to the brass ground contact while the other lead has an extension lead soldered to it that

feeds up into the counter bore that holds the contact spring. This lead is bent and formed outwards

to allow the tapered contact spring to drop into the Delrin and bear against it.

There is a shoulder in the Delrin that stands the tapered spring away from the backside of the switch.

Once the switch is assembled, the voids were filled with epoxy to provide support for the components

as well as compression strength and electrical isolation of the circuit components.

An Aleph "FT" tail cap houses the clickie switch and allows for momentary as well as click for

constant on. Backing off the tail cap a bit locks out the constant on feature.

After anodizing:

An Aleph 3 head was modified to exchange with the U2 head and reflector:

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