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Aleph Light Engine Build notes and general Aleph comments.

SureFire "classics" as host to LED light engines

Turbo reflector with retractable flood secondary reflector

SL Jr. Luxeon "Turbo"

18650 host

A gallery of Aleph Series and components

Aleph 2

Aleph components used with proto converter and 42 mm head

MagAA hosts Aleph heads.

CR2 battery tube for "E" series

CR2 tube and modded switch for U2

Two stage study for McLux III

Modified LionHeart

3 x 5mm LED head

M4 x4x2


Titanium Custom

McLux III "HD45"

Aleph 19

Nichia 365 nm UV LED

Ti LC with interchangeable heads

3x 19mm

Thermal "core" light for testing in wet ambient conditions

Pentagon PX1 mod

McLuxIII-T (titanium)

McR-8 (8 mm reflector)

Gallery of some Ti Lights

Cree 7090 XR-E LED and applications

Rebel LED studies and protos.

Makita 18V Li-Ion source for LED lights

Osram IR (infrared) LED in PD

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