Below are some prototype lights and comparisons using the Lumiled's Rebel LED.

The first light here is a titanium host using 3x Rebel LED's coupled with 10 mm (McR-10R) reflectors and driven by a NewBadBoy converter (.88 mA -Low & 4.65 mA -High: LED's in series)

I noticed that the beam distribution from these 10 mm reflectors is very similar both in collimation as well as spill angle to the SureFire L4 which hosts a Luxeon V LED. I compared this light with a L4 sample I had on hand.

With a regulated power supply set at 6 volts, I measured the current drawn by the L4 (.93 A) and this proto 3xR (.16 A on low and .89 A on high). I also measured the flux from these lights with my 6" integrating sphere.

L4 - 85 Lumens

3xR (Low) - 68 lumens

3xR (High) - 286 lumens

Beam shots with all images taken at the same aperature and shutter speed (manual: F9, 10 sec- 18 mm lens - Nikon D70)

I merged the image of the L4 with both the low and high of the Rx3 and increased the saturation to show a closer rendition of what the naked eye could see:

The "beam field" illuminated with day light:

An other prototype with a cluster of 7 Rebel LED's joins the "Rx3":

A SureFire prototype "E3-Turbo" served as host to the 7 Rebel LED's. There is a red Rebel in the center surrounded by six white Rebel LED's. A New Bad Boy converter was used in this light with low series constant current of 55 mA and a high constant current level of 315 mA going to the series string. There are 3 ea. CR123 batteries in series providing the power.

The LED Light engine consists of an aluminum heat sink that was machined to mate to the interior bores and chamfer of the turbo head:

This Rebel x 7 "RedEye" has a warmer tint to it and the red provides superior color rendition to an al white LED array. In the beam shots below, the LowBeam image is a reasonable exposure level and you can see the "warmth" of the illumination. The HighBeam shot is overexposed with the target field washed out some.

The maunal exposure times and F stops were the same as used for the other lights above and the image below is a conbination comparison between the Rx3 and Rx7 both on high output:

This is the first "E series" compatible light I have made utilizing a "X2" converter. The battery tube bottoms out on the contact ring yielding high output when the tail switch is turned on. To get low output, the head is slightly "cracked" off.

Custom .750" MCPCB for use and evaluation of single Rebel applications:

With an optic holder mounted:

Behind a McR-12-R reflector:

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