Proto type Luxeon Star can light:

Fraen LP optic with delrin adapter will fit in McLux-PR as well as the PR-Can:

A first small run of production heads are shown in their "raw" form below:

This head is designed to receive a Luxeon Star with a optional PCB cavity of .750" depth

with .565: diameter behind where the star mounts. The rear bore is tapped with a 1/8" NPS

pipe thread for mounting on Loc-Line stalks as well as common electrical lighting fixtures.

Two #2x56 fasteners clamp the Luxeon star to the shoulder in the head and provide for a

thermal path. This head has applications in portable, transportation and fixed lighting

settings. The voltage and current control can either be within the head for autonomy or


Below, a brass flange is counterbored to accept the bezel of the PR-Can. This will allow for

flush mounting of the PR-can. A thermal epoxy can be used to aid heat transfer from the

bezel to the exposed brass flange.

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