A 1 Watt Luxeon powered by a miniture constant current driver by ArcMania (Mike Jordon)

was installed in a custom head made to fit on an Arc AAA body. The R2H bin High Dome LED

is probably receiving somewhere around 150 mA of current. This light provides a very usefull

flood beam with no artifacts and very even white light.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive was used to glue the lens in the head and it clouded the lens of the LED.

This was not intentional but it is likely that the diffusing of the light enhances the flood beam.

The Luxeon head is slightly larger in diameter and longer than the stock LED head of the Arc AAA.

Another one of these now has been made which hosts a modified and shortened NX05

optic. The beam from this light has a tighter hot spot and allows for illumination of objects

at greater distances. The surface of the optic was left unpolished as an aid to diffusing

the beam and softening the die shape of the center beam. The two Arc AAA mods having

ArcMania's converter boards are shown with a Brinkman AAA light which also hosts an ArcMania

converter and 1W HD Luxeon.

The difference in beam patterns is evident in the photo below comparing the two Micro


In the beam shot below, an ArcAAA is on the left and the Luxeon based Arc is on the right:

From about 20" lux readings were 82 lux for the Nichia and 235 lux for the Luxeon. The

"hot spot of the Luxeon is considerably larger as well.

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