Most recent modification/ build consists of a McLux "T" head prototype that was designed

to host a 30 mm optic. Instead, I took a scratched Pelican M6 reflector, 5W HD LED, 6

Nichia 3 mm 312 LED's, a toggle switch and a BadBoy 700 mA converter and assembled

them into a flashlight...................

Some detail and work in progress images below:

A Delrin ring collar rides on two O-rings for a moisture seal and activates the lever of a

toggle switch to direct power to either the 700 mA constant current driver of the 5W LED

or to a parallel circuit of the 6 Nichia LED's which have a 15 ohm resistor in series to drop

the total current to about 150 mA on a fresh set of batteries (2 x 123 cells). There wasn't

an excess amount of space to work with and it was a challenge to get all of the components to

fit within the existing head. Internal cavities for some of the components were either milled or

ground out to allow for a fit. Even the cathode contact ring and isolator for the anode contact

had to have areas milled and removed to allow for lead wire passage. Below, the final

assembly is tested for the first time:

A line up for size comparison:

The Bezel cap is re worked to allow a clearer path for the light from the 3 mm LED's as

well as accept a slightly domed crystal lens which was made for an antique style pocket


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