Simple titanium "twisty" version based on the McLuxIII- PD:

Next to the PD's:

The "T" has a separate aluminum heat sink which is clamped into its seat in the Ti head along with the converter PCB. The heat sink is bedded in place with an efficient thermal grease and both the sink and converter can be removed at any time after undoldering the two LED lead wires. Future modifications with newer LED's is possible with no alteration to the titanium host.

A 2 mm thick sapphire window as used in the PD is also in the T package and behind a crenelated Ti bezel ring. Titanium fasteners mount the titanium clip to the CR123 battery tube. The T will run on CR123 or R123 cells and the converter is the same Wiz2x2 converter that is used in the PD. The drive levels are approximately 20 mA and 525 mA. Some thermal evaluations point to adequate thermal relief of the LED in typical applications and use.

The head to tube O-ring seal as well as the window O-ring seal in this light will allow for submersion under water with no ill effect provided proper attention and maintenance of seals and sealing surfaces are addressed. The T will handle the wild outdoors with no problem.

Some additional images of the T after some customizing:

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