In keeping with the McLux simple design, below is a prototype head for 5W Luxeon:

The LED is mounted on an integral bulkhead/ heat sink and the front end has access for

optic exchange. This prototype has a Pelican M6 reflector. For a relative size comparison,

the McLux-5 is hosted on a 2x123 power tail and shown with other 2 cell lights:

The head is sized to the E series and will also work on an E2(e):

Below, a TiN plated McLux with it's bigger brother:

A second prototype:

A small production run has been made on this head, now named the McLux-PR for Pelican


Modified by some second operations:

Lined up with a L4:

Beam comparison (McLux-PR on the right):

In fairness to the L4, the L4 is driven at 660 mA and this McLux-PR is driven at 750 mA.

At a distance, the spot beam of the McLux-PR is tighter than the L4.

Some of these heads were anodized in black:

Commissioned set for Bernhard Kiessling (5W focused beam & 1W flood):

Notes on McLux-PR build

If one bores out the integral bulkhead to .750" and only uses one O-ring (behind the

window) a P series SureFire incandescent Lamp assembly can be hosted by the McLux-PR


Below is a PR-T head with P61 incandescent lamp assembly hosted on an E2e "Wine Light"

Three Traser vials from Glow Disks were glued into milled slots on this head:

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