An original McLux head is built with a BadBoy 700, Luxeon III LED and IMS so17xa reflector.

It is hosted on an E1e coupled with a two stage switch. (new life for original design)

A comparison between the original McLux now with parabolic reflector and the newer PR-T:

Both of these have BB700 and Lux III's as well as two stage switches (15 ohms on low). Beam

shots are shown below. The distance to target was 36" and the lux measurements were taken at

39". The beam shots don't show the divergence of the two beams as well as a more distant shot

would. The so17xa has a larger beam angle and the spot diameter is much larger with it.

These photos never convey the pristine, organized and spotless environment in which these

photos are taken. The immaculate studio is shown below:

Just throw down a towel and crop the image and you have:

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