An L2 modified from a boost circuit on 2x123 to a step down circuit on 3x123. Identical to

the mod on the L1, this light has a PR head that has been re-machined to allow the

converter to be placed further forward than normal. The twin circuit board within the

battery tube of the L2 was removed and an inner partitioning bulkhead bored out to allow

for the additional 123 cell. The 10 ohm resistor in the tail switch was replaced with a pair of

resistors having a total resistance of 30 ohms.

The modified light is shown next to a stock L2 below.

Although the reflector in the PR head produces a medium flood beam with a 5W LED, it is

still more concentrated that the beam from the stock reflector. The lights above were both

measured by a light meter and at one meter, both on high beam, the L2 measured 720 peak

lux and the modified light measured 1510 peak lux. On a new set of SF 123 cells, this proto

produced the following lux/ run time graph:

Another set of batteries and on low, the following runtime graph was generated:

In the graph above, the middle segment shifts down about 8 lux during the time that all

lights were off and the ambient was zero. For the rest of the time, in both graphs, there was

ambient light of about 8 lux present.

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