SureFire M6 modified with 3 Luxeon III LED's driven by individual DownBoy 917 mA

buck converters. Each LED has a modified Pelican M6 reflector. The common heat sink

has a concentric channel groove that recesses the LED's for proper focal alignment with

the reflectors. The reflectors are glued at their bases to the heat sink. They are very close

to the Pyrex window but do not contact it. The heat sink is bonded to a lip in the M6 head

with Artic Silver epoxy.

A "wedding cake" assembly of the three drivers has common input leads passing through

all three PCB's. These tinned leads provide alignment and support. Artic Alumina is used

as a filling between the three boards and provides for some thermal relief of the IC's. The

driver assembly is partially potted in thermal RTV which also bonds the assembly to the

back side of the heat sink. The spring contact and driver housing are from a destroyed KL5.

The three beams from the light are aligned and unified at any distance. The LED's are TWAK bin

and lux at one meter was measured at 8400. Both the reflected spot beam as well as the direct "spill"

beam are quite bright. This was a challenging and time consuming project but the results were well

worth the time and effort spent. The OD of the reflectors was turned down to allow them to fit within

the M6 head. Without the use of CAD for solving the relational geometries, this would have likely

been a disaster.

The three beamshots below show the effect of the parallax of the three light sources. The target is

roughly 4", 8" and then 24" away. By 2 feet, the three beams have merged for all intents and purposes.

This light is compared to some others at a distance of 25' HERE.

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