The KL6 has an easily replaced LED module. In the case below, A Luxeon III is mounted

on a custom heatsink which also houses a 700 mA BadBoy driver. A M3 body was

shortened and tapped from the rear to accept the clickie switch and retaining cap.

Unfortunately not in evidence in the images, when the power pak was threaded to receive

the tail switch end cap, the threading tool slightly pierced the thin wall of the battery tube

where the milled flats are returning to the full concentric OD of the tube. It is likely that a

small amount of epoxy or other sealant can be used when the switch assembly is installed

and return the tube to a sealed integrity but the flaw remains. :(

For a single 123 cell light, the output and beam is very impressive and this "Little Fat

Boy" is surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable to use. It's relatively short length allows it

to drop in a coat pocket and yet it is certainly easy to find!

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