A pelican M6 head and reflector were significantly modified to house two Luxeon

1 watt LED's in a flood /spot selection and hosted on a SureFire L1:

The LED's could not be mounted on heat sinks in a conventional manner so over

10 carats of diamond powder was mixed into a very thick bog with epoxy. This

bog or putty was spread from the heat sink slug down over the rear of the LED's

and onto the Al surface. The bog was also used to mount the SPDT toggle switch

onto the back side of one of the LED's. Not evident in the photos, a wire frame stand

off was placed between the LED slug and the switch to allow for .030" of bog

between them. Some component and assembly photos:

An adapter collar which mates the PM6 head to the L1 also has a milled fork for

actuating the toggle switch. This adapter was threaded into the PM6 head and

then the reflector and electronics were loaded. The head rotates relative to the

adapter for switching from the flood beam on the side to the spot beam from the

front. Both LED's have a low and high luminous output due to the circuit within

the L1. The head can be felt to get warm in a reasonably quick fashion which

hopefully indicates that the diamond bog is a sufficient, if not ideal, thermal solution.

The side mounted LED was seated in and bonded with a clear epoxy that overlaps the

base of the lens. Only the lens is exposed to the environment and with the O-ring

placements, this light should be sealed from normal exposure to water and rain.

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