Some KL4 mods and variations........

Below is a KL4 with Royal Blue 5W emitter next to a KL4 which has had

the 5W emitter swapped out with a 1W Low Dome emitter. An extended E1 body

houses a Copia 168b 3.7 V Li-Ion battery.

Below is a KL4 bezel which has been gutted and a BB500 and 1W HD R2H emitter have

replaced the SF circuit and 5W LED. For size scale, it is shown next to a KL1 on E1.

The length is about the same but the KL4-1W has a Z57 clickie whereas the KL1 has a

shorter non lock out tail cap. In terms of beam, these two lights shown were compared

along with an Arc LSH-P with relative lux readings of:

KL1 - 330 lux

Arc LSH-P - 420 lux

KL4-1W - 820 lux

Below, a KL4 was gutted and a buck converter (DownBoy 400 from Dat2zip) was paired up

with a 1W HD red Luxeon LED. The existing PCB of the KL4 was bored out on a lathe to

accept the smaller converter board. The DB400 used has components on both sides and

most of them, including the IC controller are on the other side.

Beam shot from about 18":

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