At the suggestion of YCLO (of CPF) , an ARC 1xAA power pak has been modified to

accept a CR2 cell and host a KL4. Actually YCLO's suggestion takes this one step further

and involves modifying the KL4 with a recessed contact assembly with an exchange of the

stock converter and this assembly could then host a 123 cell. The power pak would require

a larger bore which is doable. The pak would loose its current "standard" contact geometry.

There is a threaded delrin thrust washer placed behind the O-ring on the power pak. This

insures a good seal of the O-ring both in the "off" and "on" position. This KL4 has a 1W

Luxeon and a BB400 driver. This power pack will also host an E1(e), KL1,McLux and L1