An Osram Dragon IR (infrared) LED hosted in PD flashlights:

The Osram LED is driven at 525 mA on high and ~25 mA on low in these pair of "PD" flashlights. The LED couples directly to the McR-20 reflector for a nice tight collimated beam. In the photo below, a B&W lipstick video camera is below the flashlight and recording a live image on the color LCD display. The ambient light level was high enough to require no artifical lighting. You can see the wall switch both in the image of the photo as well as in the LCD screen. On the LCD screen, the video camera caught the IR beam from the flashlight.

In the photo below, one of the flashlights is on and its beam is hitting the other flashlight. A phone camera is viewing the two lights and you can see that the phone camera has not filtered out the IR light and in fact the intensity of the IR light is so great that you can see it in the main photo itself which was taken with a Nikon D70 using a quality Nikon AF 60mm 2.8 lens which has some IR filtering on board.

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