A new prototype part, the "E-screw" is used as a threaded heat sink and host for the LED

as well as a shortened "E-can". This module will screw into a modified E bezel which has

been bored out and had the original 13/16" x 20 threads continued further forward.

The bottom of the E-screw has a raised slug that extends into the interior of the E-can for

centering. There is a milled "cresent" to allow for the soldered ground wire on the E-can

to have clearance when the screw and can are bonded together in the epoxy potting

process. The module screws up into the head and can be driven by needle nose pliers or

tweezers placed into the two milled notches on the top of the screw's ledge. Although in this

example using a so17xa reflector, the raised shoulder of the E-screw is not used as a

reference plane, in other builds, this shoulder will mate to the PR or other appropriate

reflectors still to be developed and set the focus of the LED.

This first prototype is built with a DownBoy 1000 converter and the host E2d tail cap has

been retrofit with a two stage switch. Although not required, a thermal grease or bonding

agent can be used on the threads of the E-screw to aid in thermal relief as well as set the

module in position within the head.

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