An E1e was modified using an E-can, 6 ea. 5 mm RGB flashing LED's and a MadMax

voltage regulator:

An aluminium slug was turned and milled to serve as host to the LED's. The LED leads

were potted with Arctic Alumina prior to final assembly. The "AA" served to secure the

LED's as well as provide some thermal relief via the Al slug and into the head of the light.

The integral reflector was bored and them milled to provide scalloped chambers for the

LED's. The MadMax was adjusted to provide 3.5 volts output to the LED's on a fresh 123

cell. At this voltage, the raw current draw on the battery was typically about 330 mA. This

assembly would have worked with standard 5 mm LED's as well.

The colors and combinations of mix are very difficult to capture.

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