In my opinion, the Arc4 needs a guard for the tail switch and the ability to tail stand. In evaluating

the existing tail switch with intent on machining a new tail cap, I noticed something interesting.

Although the existing rubber boot for the switch sticks out of the tail cap .250", the switch travel for

actuating the light is less than .050" by my estimation. I considered that a flexible membrane might

fit within the existing tail cap and accomplish my goal. I made a hole punch the right diameter and

cut a disk from a spare mask strap. The .075" thick silicone material was the right thickness to

make up for the existing switch boot and spring retaining washer. I found that a thin brass washer

placed in the recess of the negative end of the battery enhanced the electrical contact between the

battery and the special wafer contact within the arc. I could have placed some type of spacer

between the wafer contact and the silicone to accomplish the same thing but I like the

unencumbered view of the wafer contact. Certainly this mod can use some refinement but it works

great in this initial and simple stage! I also added a brass tab to the side of the body to allow for my

preferred method of carry as well as provide an anti-roll feature to the light. The tab allows for a

more secure grip of this very short light as well.

Another consideration is for a reduced "waist" to allow for a "cigar" grip of this short light. The tab on

the light above does this to a certain extent but I wanted to see if I could come up with an even beter

profile for this method of holding the light. I started with a larger OD tail cap that fits the stock battery

tube and it does aid but viewing the wall thickness of the stock tube, I decided to take it a step further:

A "soft" attach lanyard is added to the light for tethering as well as enhanced "cigar" grip:

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