19 mm reflector designed for Cree 7090 LED, specifically the UV. The reflector is of a very short focal length and relatively very deep. The intent is for a concentrated spill or flood portion of the beam coupled with a divergent reflected beam. The overall beam is relatively bright without a large and overwhelming spot beam.

Below is a beam shot of the Cree white next to a Nichia Jupiter also behind the 19 mm reflector:

For relative beam size, an Aleph 2 beam shot below (notice larger, dimmer spill relative to spot):

Below is shot of A-19 head with Cree UV LE and a beam shot (same distance and exposure as used in above beam shots)

For comparison of reflector and head, A-19 and A-2:

Although the 19 mm reflector was designed to focus the Cree 7090 UV LED, it will provide a reasonable flood beam with the various Lumiled LED's and is even better suited with the wide angle Nichia Jupitor. Below are various LE's which work well with the 19 mm reflector. Colored LED's can also be used for a concentrated flood distribution of light.

Some additional mods and uses of the 19 mm reflector:

Below, a Nichia 365 nm UV LED in a A-19 head and the Cree UV with 19 mm reflector in a custom "PD" host:

The A-19 with the Nichia UV has 3 tritium vials mounted inside the bezel and they encroach slightly into the perimeter of the beam. When the light is on these vials can be seen prior to actually viewing the reflector or UV beam if the head is brought towards the observer. 100+ mW of UV is nothing to mess with!

A mini Mag with NG750 is host to a slightly modified 19 mm reflector and "chopped" A-19 head which replaces the stock mini Mag bezel:

When initially turned on, the beam is essentially a concentrated flood with a slight small hotspot in the center. As the reflector is pulled away from the Luxeon LED, the die approaches the focal point of the reflector and a larger and brighter center hot spot emerges. Measured lux on the sample, at one meter, went from 320 lux in "flood" to 1090 lux in focused spot.

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