Some Aleph components were used for a test sample using a proto converter (Doug S.) and

a 42 mm optic from OptiLED. The Light Engine consists of a shortened ES-Can which has a

anode/cathode contact PCB soldered directly to the rear end. This allows for use of the

converter which does not have an anode contact on its back side. After the contact PCB was

soldered to the shortened ES-Can, the assembly was chucked in the lathe and the PCB was

turned down to the diameter of the ES-Can and the contact surface was faced removing the

trace of the ground circuit. This converter is driven by a Li-Ion cell (Pila 150S)

The Optic is very shallow relative to its diameter and makes for an unusual head profile:

Since the LED as well as its lead frames are "digested" within a milled cavity in the rear of

the optic, the optic is dropped into the head after the LE is positioned and then aligned with

the LED so it can drop over it and seat. When properly seated, the optic will not rotate freely

around the LED. This is a consideration for assembly as well as design. For this test head,

the optic is held in place by a large O-ring that has a turned locating groove in the head.

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