This light is a HD45 host containing 3x 19mm reflectors and LuxIII LED's. A wiz2x2 driver drives the three LED's in parallel with a total current of 150/1500 or 50/500 to each LED. The Vf's of the UX1J LED's were measured and found to be within a tenth of a volt of each other.

The LED's are mounted on a common heat sink with milled pockets for locating them. The heat sink seats on a shoulder in the HD45 head and a #4-40 FH screw which threads into the bulkhead in the head clamps the heat sink down. A reflector cage also seats on an internal shoulder and stands the reflectors the proper distance off of the LED's for focus. This cage is held in place by a single #0-80 screw that threads into the center of the heatsink. The reflectors are epoxied into bores through the cage. The reflectors have a reduced diameter for fitting into the bore and they have shoulders which mate against the face of the cage. There is no direct contact between the cage or reflectors with either the heatsink or the LED's.

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