CamelBack hydration Systems integrated with PFD's

Standard PFD: An access zipper is placed across the top of the back flotation chamber. A two piece flotation foam inner "bag" receives the re-hydration bladder and insulates the contents. Instead of a standard thick piece of foam, two pieces of half the thickness can be joined at the perimeter on the bottom and sides making the "bag" . They can be joined in such a manner that they pre-form the chamber for the bladder. This has been done to a Lotus (Patagonia) PFD below:

For an inflateable PFD, a CamelBack Unbottle was modified by adding a zippered web channel on the backside of the insulating sleeve. There is also a grommet near the top of the channel. This channel accepts the vertical center web strap on the back of the inflateable PFD. The channel will accommodate a vertical web strap up to 2" wide and the channel is 8" long. A corresponding grommet was placed in the vertical web strap of the PFD. A stainless steel #10 flathead machine screw is placed through both grommets and this fixes the CamelBack to the PFD so it doesn't slide up and down on the vertical strap. The Unbottle has easy external access for removing and replacing liquids.

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