Portable Work Light/ Drop Light:

Luxeon Emitter In aluminum head mounted on Loc-Line stalk:

Front snap on cap retains collimator.

Cap held by snug O-ring seal.

For wide area lighting, cap and collimator are removed.

Aluminum head contains three trasers in bored channels on the side.

Light may be located in total darkness.

Dat2zip MadMax 1674 LED driver is used to supply approximately 375 mA of current

from two C batteries in Mag Flashlight body.

LED Driver is protected within short section of heat shrink tube. Delrin head

has O-ring face seal that mates with smooth face of modified Mag head.

Mounting holes in Mag head are bottom tapped; preserving water proof integrity.

1/4 X 20 hole in tail cap is bottom tapped into potted block of epoxy inside. The Luxeon

Emitter is covered in Arctic Silver epoxy up to the side of the lens so it too should be

water proof.

SureFire E series Beam Shaper will fit over the Light head.

1/4" X 20 sockets in tail cap and both sides of body head allow for lanyard and

tripod attachment combinations. Light can be comfortably worn with tether around neck,

waist or over shoulder. Collimator is wrapped in silk pouch and stored in spare

bulb cavity in tail cap when not in use.

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