Integrated LED Fixture

9 LED Cluster - 3 groups of 3 ea. with 12 Volt regulator

At 13 volts, less than 1 watt current draw

Prototype displayed above and below is same fixture; Using adapter washer to mount
in 5/8" hole in panel (above) and mounted to base (below) - Light has toggle
switch ot top of head

CAD drawing of suggested Light head (adaptable to both LED
and halogen light elements)

9 element cluster, epoxy potted in stainless housing attached to 2" stainless tube via Loc-Line (Images above and below)

Tri-Cluster LED TM

Note: Due to the circuitry and nature of LEDs, with a 12 volt power source, a single LED requires the same amount of current as a cluster of 3 LEDs. The Tri-Cluster above draws the same 20 mili-amps as a single MicroStar.

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