Below are some examples of LED driven fiber optic fibers:

In breaker panel shown above, active navigation lights are indicated by

single fiber optic fiber on line dwg. of the boat in the miniature ( 5/8" diameter)

panel. These single fibers are easily seen when lit from 10' away.

Rock Fountain above has 2 MicroStar LED lights in it;

one set in side water cave and another underneath, out of

view which drives fiber optic fibers placed in rock wall.

Shoes have MicroStar head light in toe and another MicroStar

hidden in heel which drives fiber optic tail feathers. 9 volt battery

and toggle switch are contained in thick wood sole. Toggle is

accessible in arch of shoe and protected with rubber boot.

Original painting by close friend, Robert Lyn Nelson, has

19 fiber optic fibers in the painted starry sky. These fibers are

driven by a MicroStar and have been slightly crimped to varying

degrees so the light output from the fibers range from dim to bright.

The MicroStar is on a dimmer switch to allow for varying levels of

ambient light. When adjusted properly, some of the stars are obviously

generating their own light but the varying intensities merge with the

painted stars. This is very subtle and effective but impossible to photograph.