Prototype Dive Helmet with cluster of 6 LEDs on each side.

The LEDs are 5mm Nichia with effective beam angle of 20 degrees. They are individually mounted

in the helmet and all circuitry is potted in epoxy inside. The battery module holds 4 AAA batteries

and a switch. The module is retained by Velcro straps in the interior section of the "bill" of the


At the time of the photo below, a set of alkaline batteries had been continuously on for 5 hours.

This suggests that 4 AAA batteries could run 24 LEDs (as opposed to these twelve) for a reasonable

time if additional illumination were desired. It will be curious to see what effect these LED's color

temperature of light has on the undersea flora and fauna. A friend in the marine industry took a sample

MicroStar light I had given him and put it in his aquarium. He claims he gets incredible colors from the fish

which he doesn't get from conventional aquarium lighting.

The photos below show the battery module in place and then opened. The module has both a bore

and face seal so it should hold up favorably to the pressure of some under water testing.