Below are a few examples of the mini web-coil tethers which can be quickly

attached and removed from SureFire flashlights. Ideas and permutations will be added

as time permits.

BerkeleyPoint's MCT-1 tether is shown on a SureFire E1E above and below. The 1" stainless split

ring will attach to the E1 and E2 lights as well. The pocket clip retains the split ring securely yet

allows for quick and simple installation and removal. The tether can be attached to itself as shown

or clipped to an attachment point on clothing or gear packs. By double looping the tether around a

wrist or arm, the light can be comfortably worn and directed for hands free use as shown below.

In photo above, a small stainless steel shackle is held in place under the pocket

clip. This provides a tighter connection and the geometry of the light and clip

keep the shackle in place as it can be rotated into and away from the light body.

To avoid metal on metal, another option is to splice a loop of line to the tether

as seen below:

Below is a Berkeley Point MCT-216 shown on

a SureFire M6. An adjustable toggle was added to the

tether loop for snugging the loop into the groove on the light. The tether can be secured elsewhere on

the body* of the light by cinching up the loop in a similar fashion. The MCT-2, differing only in the clip

selection will work as well.

As pointed out by hotfoot of CPF fame, prolonged run times might cause a "melt down"

unless the tether is atttached aft as shown in the bottom photo.

Kevlar Loop

M2 with 2.5 mm Quick Link attached to opened lanyard bail on pocket clip

C2-Turbo with Titanium belt clip and Aluminum tether slug in place of standard belt clip.

Flashlight hangs below belt on the clip without jabbing you in the side. Clip bead is easy to

pass with belt when aligned with flat on rubber grip. When the clip is rotated around and

away from flat, bead locks against rubber grip.

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