Kahana Sunset and Kaopala Bay Study (on going)

Kahana Sunset and homes suffering from shoreline erosion.

Here are a pair of images taken in the early 1990's:

Below is a view looking towards Kahana Sunset from the yard of the middle home pictured above.

Images taken 1-10-21 during some high surf

Shots from next day (1-11-21) with surf down.

A number of the sand bags were torn free and have drifted out into and beyond the bay.

The concrete stairs at Kahana Sunset are covered in sand.


6-24-21 King Tide

7-28-21 while looking for entangled turtle we removed some of the sand bag material from the sea floor:

Images taken by Travis Thor Matteson 10-9-22

12-21-22 days after large surf and onshore winds and rain.