Below are some images going back a few years showing the loss of shoreline as well as arrival and departure of beach sand at Honokowai Point and

Kaanapali Beach Club Beach


2012 Images taken From Sherman Dean's FaceBook Page

This tree providing the shade is on the beach and below the sidewalk. Note the hard ground in the foreground.

May 2012- Note full bank of naupaka to the north.

Note people standing on the sidewalk behind the beach tree.


Sherman Dean's images 2013





More of Sherman's images

August 2014:

Note naupaka banks on each side of tree area (in front of restroom and shower)

Standing down the beach in front of KBC looking north to the beach tree:

October 2014:

All of this naupaka and beach area is in front of the sidewalk. (going over rip current)

November 2014 (still plenty of beach even with winter swells):

December 2014:



More of Sherman's images

Month of image below is unknown but you can see the lawn and naupaka that is ocean side of sidewalk in front of KBC.

March 2015 (Note shower behind men seated)


In 2016,

The beach sand in front of shower and restroom as well as along the shore in front of the naupaka banks was taken out to sea and serious erosion started

taking place.

2-12-2016 Some riptide warning signage as well as KHFMA information box on a steel post had been undermined and taken down as this embankment

was being eroded.



The beach and hard ground in front of the beach tree was taken by the ocean and the tree fell. The red clay bank was now exposed and being eroded.

The shoreline from Honokowai stream to Honokowai Point was being overwhelmed by the rising sea and waves. With the beach sand gone, the red clay

substrate was being ablated and taken out over the reef.


In the start of 2017, the tree and beach in front of restroom and shower were history.


Red clay exposed and being swept away as the sea eats away the shoreline further and begins to undermine structures. The public shower is taped off

and unsafe. Railing had been installed on the edge of the sidewalk but the sidewalk was no longer safe.

The naupaka is unable to keep the bank from being taken away.



The sidewalk is lost.



The shower and sidewalk are all gone but there is a sufficient beach sand buffer between the red clay bank and ocean. Some sand bags are in the area of

where the shower was.

There is also a good sand beach buffer between the riprap barrier in front of Kaanapali Beach Club and the ocean. Even though the ocean at times is up

against a "hardened" (or semi hardened in the case of the red clay bank) shoreline, beach sand and a beach will come and go.



Sand bag reinforcement being placed as a temporary barrier and protector of the red clay bank.

This is the area that once had a concrete walk way with shower behind it and beach and shade tree on the ocean side of the walkway.



The full shoreline fronting the Kaanapali Beach Club is being protected with a temporary sand bag system. Unfortunately, I was told, they were not

allowed to go deeper with the bags than the present level of sand. It would seem this could be an invitation to undermining at a later date if more beach

was washed away.



The sand bags are covered with a heavy sheath barrier.



More beach sand has arrived at the north end with sand removed from the south end.

At the south end the bottom edge of the temporary cover is exposed to the ocean.



Beach sand again buffers the shoreline


July 2, 2019

A south swell is claiming red clay from where the temporary embankment cover has been breached and with back wash and wave action, taking the silt

up the coast and over the reef.

The plume grows as it spreads north along the coast.

The south swell is evident in the image below.

It was my understanding that no repair or work was allowed without a permit being approved.

June 14-2019 - No beach to speak of and more undermining and damage to temporary embankment. Image below is taken from in front of KBC pool and

looking north:



Good beach buffering



A year later and the same compromised area is again a source of red clay silt being carried out over and onto the reef. (No permits given for repair)



Later in July there is more sand on the beach to buffer the red clay bank in general but the compromised area is still at risk with a high tide and high surf

combination. The image below was taken at low tide.

The image below was taken later in the day at high tide. There is evidence of some erosion at the south end of the temporary fix.





6-25-21 King Tide

The next two images were pulled from Apple Map in late 2021. No idea as to when they were taken:

In the image above, The showers at both ends of the KBC building are still functioning and in place and there is bank of naupaka between the lawn and beach in front of the building. The shade tree is still on the beach in front of the restrooms. The image below is more current and significant erosion has taken place.

The images below were taken on 11-6-21 with a tide of approximagely .7'.

12-6-2021 after kona storm and surf:

Honokowai Beach Park:


Update on boat above. Taken 5-9-2022:

Back to 12-6-2021:


Honolua Bay:

Honokowai point taken 5-9-2022

Repair started on the shoreline in front of Kaanapali Beach Club:

Honokowai Point 6-3-2022 repair well underway:

7-1-2022 (≈2.00' High Tide):

9-24-2022 (tide at ≈ 1.6'):

looking north to Honokowai Beach Park:

looking south to Honua Kai and Nanea:

Down to Blackrock: