Whales 3-15-19

Competition pod in the early afternoon:

bloody tubercles

Whales were crowding and ramming each other

In each other's face:

This guy had another whale coming up to ram him in the chin from beneath. (series of 3 images below)

Earlier, a mom and calf took a rest beneath us.

A series of 9 images of mom and calf comimng up to surface next to us:

Close up:

Video in half speed of the above sequence:

Back down beneath us again:

The "white lips" of the calf looked just like a calf I got dron footage of the day before and comparing cookie cutter

scars on calf and mom I was able to identify this pair today that were below us to the mom and calf along with

escort that I got images of yesterday:

Note the pattern of cookie cutter scars on mom's back, behind her blow hole. (pics above and below)

And the calf, in addition to white lips, has four scars on its left side of back between its blow hole and the two scars

on its dorsal: