We encountered a pair of muggers today and saw them visit 8 boats including us. Initially

I followed theim with the drone:

A first pass by us:

They dove and disappeared for a bit and then surfaced back on the other side again and came at us for a second


A quick hook around us:

And then a roll onto the back and some pec slaps to get us wet!

In the image above the whale is about to bring the pec down and give us a full drenching:

And after this effective splash it gives the Zodiac a gentle tap:

As it rolls off and away, the whale below gives us a bubble bath:

In dealing with a wet controller and display I unintentionally shut the display off which also stopped the video

recording so this was the last image. The video is embedded:

After the drone coverage, we were visited again by the whales in a few passes and I got some under water shots:

And then they took off.

A little while later, we spotted some critter that was showing black and white below the surface and realized

we had a Giant (oceanic or pelagic) Manta Ray cruising by us. It hung around a bit and we got in the water and

swam with it.

Some video of the Manta: