Strange tail on this humpback mom.

We followed a juvenile up the coast a ways:

He dove (image above ) and came up for a breach and then disappeared but we were distracted by

a mom and calf enjoying their time at the surface so no disappointment.

Video of mom and calf at the surface until they took off due to the juvenile coming on to the scene:

They ultimately surfaced and slowed down:

You can see the juvenile is significantly smaller than the mom:

Here mom extends her pectoral flipper to ward off the juvenile:

The juvenile disappeared and mom and calf went back to taking it easy.

Video the stills above were pulled from:

On the way back to the ramp, we came across another mom and calf so we stopped. The water visibility was

very poor and yet the calf would put a fair amount of distance between itself and mom as it wandered at the surface.

Ultimately it came by us and mom followed.