Young female mantaray "Tala":

Poop trail:

Passing by a folding table and blanket that have been down there for a month or more:

Bob getting a shot of her:

And she inverts for a better look at him:

Waving bye as he heads back to the surface.

Tala came up to the surface and then inverted righ below me. I had started the video just before this happened

which was fortunate but must have knocked the switch turning it off half way through our encounter which was a

real disappointment. At any rate, what video I did get as well as another clip later of her at the cleaning station is

shared below:

She starts to come up and invert checking me out:

I go down and meet her and we swim together for as long as I can hold my breath.

After I surfaced, Bob came in for an eye to eye.

And she came up a bit for us.

She was wiggling her pelvic fins which I noticed and photographed above but I was looking into her eyes and

unaware with my camera housing blocking a full view of her that one of the next images caught her in the process of

intestinal eversion:

I have seen this before and got a photo but not as close and sharp as this time.

All clean and back to eye to eye and mesmerizing, at least for me.

Back for more cleaning at the other end:

Bob took this shot of me with Tala: