I was checking the waves and noticed this monk seal (later ID'd as R308) swiming up and back along the shoreline.

For the most part, she seemed to keep her right eye closed.

I had head from friends trhat R308 had been hauling out in the area so figured this might be her and she might opt

to haul out. So I kept tabs on her


The lens I was using was a 100mm - 400mm ( 200mm - 800mm as 35 mm equivalent)

Video of her hauling out:

Itr was a windy and rainy day with no one on the beach and best view of her from above and behind the roped

off railing at Kaanapali Beach Club.

She dug a deeper trench for her head to rest in.

On 2-16-19 R308 hauls out at S-Turns: