Young male manta with fishing gear on its lobe is now known as Snaggles and he was there again today.

Mark Dekos was able to trim the line back more with scissors today. In pic below he is about to cut more off

but snaggles had another idea and took off for a while.

Mark left after Snaggles took off and Robert and I went in to see how the akule were doing. We found one of their

predators among them; a large barracuda:

Short video:

And came across another predator working the school, an Uku:

Back to the cleaning station and Snaggles was back:

Bob down with him:

Some looks at the damage:

Maybe there is a hook in there?

Back to Slaughter House Beach and swam past this nice new mooring installation:

Next day, 4-28-19:

Tala at cleaning station: