Twinkles was well settled under a ledge.

I continued north and out past the main reef when I saw Rocket Girl and a green female

both off in the distance and at the surface. They parted ways before I could get close

enough for a shot.

Rocket Girl went back down and wedged her flipper under some coral to aid in anchoring

against a strong current that was flowing. Before I got down to take the pic below, I saw

her open her mouth for a while and although it looked like she was yawning, I suspect she

was some how equalizing the pressure. I have seen her do this before after a visit to the

surface. Her left "shoulder" is wedged under the coral.

I went back to check on Twinkles but she was still under the ledge. There was a large

barracuda near by and I followed it for about 15 minutes and returned for a third visit.

Twinkles had likely surfaced for air but was back under the ledge again in a different