On the night of 9-21-17, I joined some NOAA crew in the search and capture of Rocket Girl and Barnacle Billie

with the purpose of removing their satellite tags which willhave been on for two years next month. The antennas

on the tags have been missing for some time now so data collected has not been transmitted. The tags can be opened

in the lab and this data recovered.

First found and caught was Rocket Girl:

video of tag removal:

Next was Barnacle Billie:

Video of the trip to the beach:

video of Billie's tag removal:

Billie under UV light:

Billie released:

And less than an hour later, Billie found back in night time sleep mode:

We also encountered Little O out there sleeping:

Illuminated solely by UV:

In addition to the turtles, The video also caught some night time activities of other critters: