In 2007, two hawksbills meet:

In 2008, Rocket Girl and Pueo go nose to nose:

2008 Melinda came up to Rocket Girl and they circled and went nose to nose before she got

under Rocket and encouraged her to move off:

4-19-2010 Male green passes Leftie (in the background) at Mala. No interaction:

10-10-2010 Pueo chasing 1D67 out of her resting spot:

and then Pueo harrasing Rocket Girl (same time and place):

10-19-2010 Melinda and Twinkles have an encounter:

As I recall and noted at the time, they circled a couple times and ultimately, Melinda, the larger

turtle, opted to move off.

10-22-2010 Rocket Girl and Misty have a face to face:

10-28-2010 1D67 resting in the burbs is confronted by a male green:

1D67 heads to the surface:

10-30-2010 Melinda is eating when a green sea turtle drops down for a quick look:

12-30-2010 3M is confronted at the surface by a male green sea turtle. He circles and then moves off:

5-18-2011 Twinkles is mugged by male green sea turtle:

4-16-2012 Skirts is visited by a small green sea turtle at the surface and then followed down to the reef:

5-30-2012 Rocket Girl heads down to meet Skirts:

9-21-2013 Rocket Girl Meets 1D67

11-17-2015 Rocket Girl swims over to meet 83M:

Video of meeting:

They ended up engaging a second time:

9-5-2016 Rocket Girl and Barnacle Billie meet up:


4-3-2017 Barnacle Billie cruises by Rocket Girl without facing off.

4-20-2017 again Barnacle Billie swims past Rocket Girl (no face to face) and then rests nearby:

And another pass of Billie by Rocket on 5-5-2017:

Since Rocket Girl and Barnacle Billie are often resting within 20' of each other, perhaps they forgo the meet and greet.

Example of their proximity taken on 5-21-2017:

On 6-12-2017 I took a short video of them both resting near each other:

7-29-2017 Rocket Girl approaches Melinda:

Melinda breaks off:

8-5-2017 Barnacle Billie and Melinda circle in the burbs:

8-12-2017 Little O and Rocket Girl meet and greet:

8-17-2017 Barnacle Billie and Little O face to face:

and then LIttle O surfaces:

And on her return, back to Billie:

8-21-2017 Little O foraging near a male green also foraging. Neither showed any interest in the other:

8-24-2017 Little O approached Rocket Girl three times while I was watching and was sent off each time by Rocket:

9-11-2017 Barnacle Billie returnd to the reef from a surface cycle and confronts Little O:

Little O then came to the surface:

And when she returned to the reef, she went over to Billie which I caught in the beginning of this video:

9-20-2017 Little O confronts Barnacle Billie:

Little O surfaced:

And then again confronted Billie:

10-13-2017 Rocket Girl foraging near green also foraging. Neither showed any interest in the other as I watched:

11-2-2017 I arrived at the burbs to see Little O backing off from a confrontation with Rocket Girl:

11-3-2017 Little O looking for food sees ROcket Girl foraging and swims over to her:

(Images pulled from video)

second encounter:


Rocket Girl swims over to check out Melinda 4-13-18:

They had both been resting in the burbs (Rocket to the right and Melinda under the ledge where Rocket often rests):

I dove down and too shots of both of them and on one dive, Rocket Girl followed me back to the surface for a

breathing interval. On her return to the reef, she approached Melinda who came out from the overhang and joined her

in a circling come together:

Melinda is pressing down on Rocket Girls head:

This pose below was held for perhaps 20 or 30 seconds (the yellow tang works its way down rocket Girl's carapace):

I returned to the surface watching them hold this pose and ultimately they broke apart with Rockert Girl being

the first to disengage.

12-27-18 Sunrise finds Rocket Girl, Barnacle Billie and Little O greating at the start of their day:

Billie and Rocket gular pumping as O looks on:

Little O made numerous contacts with Barnacle Billie:

Video of the morning meeting:


Barnacle Billie comes up the reef and encounters Rocket Girl

Stills from a video of their encounter:

Billie stops and makes contact with Rocket's rear flipper:

Rocket Girl rotates and goes cheek to cheek with Barnacle Billie before abruptly backing off and away.

Video of encounter:

12-24-19 Barnacle Billie with trumpet fish encounter a green seaturtle and Rocket Girl

Billie (right side) is approaching Rocket Girl (top left) as a female green sea turtle (bottom left) comes up

behind her.

The green (top of image) took a nip at Billies tail and then proceeded north as Billie (middle) then circled

down to engage Rocket Girl (bottom)

After a short meet and greet, they went about foraging and Billie still with her trumpet.


Rocket Girl heads over to check out Barnacle Billie:

Video of the encounter:


Rocket Girl, Ruby and Barnacle Billie all in sight of each other but no interaction. This happens and probably often.

Rocket Girl & Ruby

Rocket Girl and Barnacle Billie

Barnacle Billie and Ruby:


Ruby comes up to check out Barnacle Billie:

At this point I switched to video:


Ruby and Rocket Girl were foraging near each other. We witrnessed Ruby make two approaches towards Rodket Girl

but veer when she got close.