Visibility over the reef was still significantly impaired today from recent surf. I did swim a

portion of it looking for hawksbill turtles but quickly decided it was not worth the effort. I

swam out past reef's edge and the visibility improved significantly so I proceeded out to the

burbs. I found Rocket Girl head first in her lair and it looks like she may have enlarged her

"window" at the back side. Either that or she was just further into and under the coral than

I have seen before.

As I was surfacing, I saw her lift her head which prompted me to look over in the direction

she was. I saw there was a second hawksbill resting down on the coral with fish cleaning it.

This second turtle is Misty. She seemed comfortable and in a spot I had not seen a turtle

before. After a few minutes, Misty opted to surface.

As I watched Misty return to the reef, I saw that Rocket Girl had come out of her lair

and she cruised over to Misty for a cheek to cheek.

After a minute or so, Rocket Girl left Misty and came up for a breath.

Rocket Girl was on the surface for a good length of time and took a number of breaths;

presumably planning on staying down for a long period. I waited to see if she was going to

return to her lair or perhaps head in to the reef to feed. She dropped down on the reef and

was confronted by some ready to serve fish.

I  left the two ladies both settled down on the coral and headed back to the main reef.