I swam pout to the burbs today and none of the gals were on the main reef but I did find Rocket Girl and

Melinda both down in the sand at the edge of the main reef. When I first came upon them. Rocket Girl was just

laying there watching Melinda who was doing some foraging with her back to Rocket Girl

I dove partially down for some individual shots:

Melinda rotated and moved into some new coral in search of food and Rocket Girl lifted up and started towards


As I looked up and headed back to the surface for air, I assume Rocket Girl nudged Melinda up because when

I looked back down, Melinda was swimming off at a good clip and after a while started up:

I saw a flash of shiny at her neck.

Damn fish hook:

Without upsetting her I tried to get some decent shots of the situation and once she was done with her surface cycle,

I approached her as she dove and attempted to get my cutting tool in range of the line. She tucked her neck in and

brought her flipper up to guard her head so I backed off. When she got back down to the reef, she took some bites

and foraged in a few spots as she made her way back to the burbs and ultimately dove head first into one of Rocket Girl's

frequent resting spots. Once in the cave, Melinda proceeded to rub her carapace against the coral and rotate to a sideways


Based on her apparent foraging and carapace scratching it did not appear that the hook and line were causing her

to forgo normal activities.

I saw that Rocket Girl has moved into her other favorite burb restind spot: