Images and video taken with Sony RX0


Little O was resting out in the burbs.

About a half hour later, I encountered her foraging on the reef.

Some video of Little O foraging until she is distracted by a pair of ladies on SNUBA who come in for a visit:

At one point while searching the reef, Little O spotted Rocket Girl and swam over to meet her:

Hawaiian Honi (kiss):

Little O choses to bite for some reason:

And Rocket Girl responds with a quick flipper chop:

They confront again out in the sand and in short time O goes for a bite again:

Rocket Girl has no interest in such an exchange.

Rocket Girl swims off in search of food and Little O comes up for a survace interval:

Rocket Girl forages for a while and then heads out to the burbs to rest, tucking her head under a shelf:

Video of the encounter: