While waiting for Rocket Girl to surface, I noticed another hawksbill come by further out and down at the seafloor

swimming just above the sand. I swam over and dove down for a pic. As I dove down, this turtle (83M) came up

towards me. When I surfaced, she returned to the bottom.

I looked over and saw that Rocket Girl had been watching and she was now swimming out to meet 83M.

Video of this first meet and a second one from a few minutes later:

After the first encounter, 83M swam away and to the north. I dove down a couple times to get some shots of Rocket Girl who was just resting in the sand and taking

some nibbles on rubble next to her:

I don't know if my trips down to see Rocket Gitl had any influence but 83M showed up again and swam near and

she and Rocket engaged once again:

83M took off again and I started following her from above, on the surface and Rocket followed down at the seafloor.

We all went south a good distance and the speed of travel picked up. Ultimately I saw Rocket leave the sea floor and

I swam back to meet her at the surface while 83M continued on.