The two photos below are of a morsal that Rocket Girl was attempting to get at but gave up on. She broke away some coral to get closer to it but I would guess there was too much more coral needing to be removed she moved off a bit which allowed me to dive down and try to get a reasonable shot with the Olympus point and shoot.

A bit later, she came up for air but instead of staying in place she slowly moved out towards deeper water. The visibility was compromised due to a south swell and I followed her out hoping for some better water and the dispersed lighting looked pretty cool. I was hearing some noise in the water and I looked down and four divers with electric scooters passed under and closer to shore from us. I wonder if this noise might have been part of the reason she elected to move off shore.

The next day (7-2-09) I happened to find the meal that Rocket Girl couldn't get to and took a couple more shots of it:

I shared these images with Darla White and was informed that this is Black Sponge.

Today, 7-6-09, I returned to this black sponge with my Nikon in Subal housing and a flashlight in attempts to get a better image: