Rocket Girl resting in the burbs 5-15-16:

The next dayu, 5-16-16, on the way to the burbs, I encountered her foraging in the sand just past reef's edge.

She was eating the vabond boring sponges and leaving a yellow/green cloud in the water in the process.

Time for a surface break.

Transmitting data now?

During the surface interval, we drifted a good bit further out and into deeper water. I wondered if she would

go back into the shallower water and continue with the sponges.

As soon as she reached the sea floor, she headed in towards the beach and shallower water. As I followed above,

I kept my eyes out for sponge. Finally I saw a cluster ahead of her and darned if she didn't hit the breaks and go for

them! Video of the event: