First to be seen was Rocket Girl resting in the burbs:

Next was Misty over in the popular spot but out of the cave and watching Little O who was nearby. Misty:

Little O:

I watched O swim up to Misty and they did a face to face but no real rumble. O swam off and settled back where

she had been. I went back to check on ROcket but she had left. At about this time, I saw divers approaching and

it looked obvious that the instructer had been out here before as he checked the area for the girls and eventually

spotted Misty. He beckoned his clients over for photo op:

He ultimately spotted O a bit to the north and brought his clients over for an op with her:

She became unsettled and lifted up and so did Misty. They ended up coming together and circling once and then

Misty went off into the sand and settled and O settled down near the cave. I followed the divers back to the main reef

and then swam my own corse and encountered Rocket Girl foraging:

I decided to swim out the the south end spot to see if I could finish off the swim with a Billie sighting and was