Unidentified (at present) hawksbill in ROcket Girl's spot in the burbs.

I assumed it was Melinda and ended up spooking it when I came in close to check on a hook in the neck.

The first pass above didn't phase her. But getting the camera close on a subsequent visit did spook her.

She backed out of the cave and still thinking she was Melinda, I met her on the other side.

At this point, I had my doubts as to identity and this turtle was not relaxed around me like Melinda always has been.

I had to surface and waited for her to come up as well but as she got closer to me, she stopped rising and

started swimming off. I took a last shot and then swam away not wanting to give her any more cause for concern.

I am sorry I didn't get a better top of head and right side of head shot for ID purposes.

I later encountered Barnacle Billie resting at the scratching post. I haven't seen her at this spot this year.

She has a good amount of CCA growing on her carapace.

I left her and went off in search of the frog fish. I returned later to see her break from her rest and come to the surface.

She headed back down and towards the reef for some foraging.